During the deployment, the soldiers will provide engineering support and find and diffuse roadside bombs.Captain Jason Schwarz says for most of the soldiers, it is their first deployment."Our families are really the backbone of our organization. we really have a great team, they're our mentors, our coaches and biggest cheerleaders," said Schwarz.

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Some snapped photos, fathers held their babies and toddlers, and some even shared a few laughs. Now, they are preparing to be apart for nine months.

The family members and soldiers who are holding themselves together are "Army Strong." They have been anticipating this mission, and preparing for it, for months. "I'm really excited to be here and be a part of this but at the same time, he's leaving that's sad, but I'm so proud of them," said Ariane Anderson.

"I know she'll be back here, but I know she's tough.

Hopefully we have wifi and we can talk when we can," said her husband.

Even while standing next to her husband, Ariane Anderson already anticipates the sweet reunion waiting for her about nine months from now. That sounds like the best thing in the world right now, I'm looking forward to that."The company has also received language and cultural training, and say they feel very prepared for their mission.

The 42nd Clearance Company moved to Fort Knox from Germany in 2013, and is a subordinate unit of the 19th Engineer Battalion there.

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(WDRB) -- About 100 Fort Knox soldiers are getting ready to head to Afghanistan and will be there from from the end of this month until about December or January.

During Friday's deployment ceremony for the 42nd Clearance Company, soldiers stood at attention, while others played the national anthem.

Symbolizing the end of the unit's missions at Fort Knox a military tradition took place -- a casing of the unit's colors.

Once in Afghanistan, the colors will be unfurled, symbolizing the beginning of the mission there.