The program itself is dependent on the technique of getting very cheap site visitors to whatever site you are trying to promote.The way it works is that you enter a search phrase into the software and they will find websites that are strongly related to your keyword.You'll then end up with a list of all the Internet sites that are relevant and you will then select the websites that you believe would provide the best advertising for your product.

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You could actually end up getting your ad on a site that gets twenty or perhaps thirty thousand visits per month, for around $30.

You could easily end up receiving plenty of traffic and also be able to build your brand name recognition up so individuals will know what you are marketing.

And naturally when you start getting traffic you will in addition find that you are making money as well.

It will be possible to locate a number of programs that can teach you just how to make money online.

I am certain you have seen all these systems all over the net but most of them are definitely not worth your time or money.

This isn't to say that all the programs on the Internet are junk, it is just hard to find a program that is genuine.

We tested the Commission Crusher program and in the next few paragraphs we are going to let you know what we think of this program.

The very first thing you need to know is that this program is not actually an automatic system, as I am sure you know, nearly anything that says they get you automatic money just doesn't work.

In fact to be fair when you set everything up the way you have to, which can take some time, then you will begin receiving the advertising you need.