Patterns of Intimate Partner Violence Victimization from Adolescence to Young Adulthood in a Nationally Representative Sample Journal of Adolescent Health. Each week of TDVAM we will feature programs that deserve recognition for this work, and encourage you to share these ideas with your own organizations or local activists.

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In third place is Your Space by Paul Mc Gee, Sam Gross, Lyndsey Moulds, Ross Mc William and Kayfaraday in Ireland followed by What Kind of Monster is your Boyfriend? Read the full article at Polygon Earlier this year it was announced that for work done by Games for Health Project co-founder, Ben Sawyer, in serious games and games for health that he will be a Sx SW Dewey Award Winner.

Relationship Violence Among Female and Male College Undergraduate Students. Overall winner is Love in the Dumpster by Jean Hehn of Belgium, followed by Janie's Sketchbook by Guts Rodsavas and Piti Yindee of GPTouch in Thailand.

" Read the full article at The Huffington Post The sixth annual Life. Game Design Challenge, aimed at increasing awareness of teen dating violence, has announced its winning entries.

This unusually titled game comes from a design challenge asking games developers; "Can you design a game about Teen Dating Violence without using violence itself?

Into this interesting space comes 'Love in the Dumpster' - a game billed as a 'serious game about teen dating violence'.

Longitudinal associations between teen dating violence victimization and adverse health outcomes. But games have become a diverse tool that is impacting on more that just the political arena - they are also going for the personal too.

Read the full article at Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month from Break the Cycle We've been making newsgames with the aim of engaging people with real world issues such as the war in Syria and the War on Drugs in Mexico.

This spring, submit your local program on Break the Cycle’s website for our National Youth Advisory Board’s selection of a second year of Trailblazers!

Dating Violence Against Adolescent Girls and Associated Substance Abuse, Unhealthy Weight Control, Sexual Risk Behavior, Pregnancy, and Suicidality. Although there have been various approaches to addressing this problem, using videogames had not been employed before 2008, when Jennifer Ann's Group, an Atlanta, GA–based nonprofit organization, created an annual competition. The resulting videogames have increased awareness about teen dating violence and provided educational information to assist adolescents, parents, and teachers in identifying abusive relationships.