“Real Housewives Of Atlanta” fans can rejoice now that they’ve gotten their wish.After months of rumors, Sheree Whitfield is officially back on the cast after the departure of Ne Ne Leakes.Not only that, Marlo Hampton who previously feuded with Sheree, will also return to the program as a “friend of the cast.”Producers from Real Housewives of Atlanta have officially made a move they hope can fill the void of Ne Ne Leakes leaving the show.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Reunion is finally concluding. )Who do you think looked the classiest at the reunion?

)Ne Ne is doing more hosting and will be on The Celebrity Apprentice (NO THANKS!

Phaedra's Mysterious Pregnancy The fact that Phaedra was lying about her due date was the one thing all the Housewives could come together on (well, all of them except Phaedra). What's Up Next for the Atlanta Housewives: Sheree is re-vamping She By Sheree (YES! )Kandi's thinking about launching her own line of sex toys (OKAY! )Kim is having a baby and starting a wig line (OF COURSE!

It touched everyone, with all the Atlanta Housewives having starred in "Child Support Man" at one time or another. Ne Ne sort of apologized, for "stooping to a trash level," but did not apologize to Kim. Kim was able to laugh about her better times with Ne Ne, but Ne Ne was completely over it.

All these questions answered and more in Part 2 of the Reunion! Let's Talk About Sex, Kandi Which Housewife has the highest "freak number"? Did Sheree become my favorite Housewife this season? Housewife Parenting Woes Kandi broke down talking about her daughter's estranged relationship with her father. Kim and Ne Ne, World War Three-Ne They both yelled at each other, Ne Ne at Kim about playing the victim, and Kim about Ne Ne putting her hands on somebody and calling Sweetie a slave.

Kim and Ne Ne are both uncomfortable talking about sex, but Ne Ne is willing to talk about it if it's in a book about her life. Season 3 Sheree Montage I love everything Sheree did this season: the dancing, the acting, and especially giving "Dr." Tiy-E a piece of her mind. Andy asked Kim if she thought she was a more important part of the recording process and Kim didn't understand the question, even after the fourth time he asked the question.

Phaedra "might have been a month and a half pregnant" when she got married. Kandi started crying again, because she doesn't like to argue about money with friends and Kim's lawyers have made things complicated.

Phaedra's answer sounded good, but didn't even make sense. The Ring That Didn't Mean a Thing Kim and Kandi talked about money, and one of them knew what was going on.

We’re told former cast member Marlo Hampton will make the occasional appearance on the show as well. Sheree’s mega mansion she was building became an ongoing joke on RHOA during the first season.

Our source says with the two women returning to the cast, fans will have all the drama they need. What do YOU think about Sheree and Marlo returning to RHOA???

The ladies were spotted filming this week at the launch of Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear line…