In addition to my custom programming services, I offer a plethora of free LISP programs available for you to download, covering a huge range of applications: from text manipulation to attribute extraction and everything inbetween.The Tutorials page also offers an insight into how you can learn to create your own Auto LISP programs and quickly increase your Auto CAD efficiency and productivity.Whether you are a complete beginner or perhaps more experienced, I have no doubt that you can benefit from the help & resources available here.

autocad updating indexes for block-34

Auto LISP is restricted to running on full versions of Auto CAD and cannot be run in any version of Auto CAD LT.

Other applications such as Bricscad and Intelli CAD also offer the ability to run Auto LISP programs.

Visual LISP is an extension of Auto LISP introduced as an add-on to Auto CAD R14, and subsequently fully incorporated into the release of Auto CAD 2000.

Visual LISP provides access to the Active X/COM and offers many advanced functions to aid with customisation. Be sure to see my tutorial on Running an Auto LISP Program. The updated code now accounts for polygonal viewports represented by 2D (Heavy) Polylines (this can arise when rotating a rectangular viewport, for example).

Want to harness the power of custom programming to save your company countless hours of repetitive work?

If there is a specific task that you wish to automate using custom programming, feel free to contact me to hire my services. Read the testimonials of those who have worked with me and my programs.

Make Auto CAD work for by using custom programming to automate many repetitive tasks.

This site is primarily aimed towards utilising the Auto LISP & Visual LISP APIs to create custom programs which may be run within full versions of Auto CAD (not LT versions) and many of its derivative programs.

New Program: Limited Length Polyline allows the user to dynamically construct a straight-segmented polyline whose overall length may optionally be limited to a given value.