Now I am trying to find black women in my area, that makes it much easier to meet each other.

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The last thing is that the more he’s opened his mind to interracial dating, the more beautiful he finds black women who are now his primary preference.

Rest assured, this phenomenon is happening more and more and non-black men get the memo that black women are open to dating them.

Contrary to what the naysayers want you to believe, many, many, many non-black men haven’t necessarily thought black women were romantically interested in them, and now that they do, they’re doing their information gathering and buying books like “Swirling.” So ladies and gents, DO NOT SLEEP ON SWIRLING! Buy a copy of “Swirling” and you’ll get three months free with Date Who You, a subsidiary of Afro Romance and Interracial Dating Central.

I ordered the book “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed” a few days before finding your channel, so it was funny to find out you were one of the writers.

Because I was like “I want that book they talk about in the videos”, and then “hey, but didn’t I order that already” lol 🙂 I started using Afro Romance and had contact with a couple of nice women, one of them for about 7 months.

She was living in Uganda and I tried to get her a visa to visit my country, but that was denied and the appeal too.

So, not so long ago we decided to stop and stay friends.

I’m often befuddled by the fact that BB&W has almost 1,000 You Tube subscribers, and I wonder who the heck are all these people watching.

Imagine how tickled I was when I got this note today.