Since then, 37 cumulative years of pain have been wiped away.We have spent the last 12 years teaching married couples (and singles) how to avoid the mistakes we made and broken couples how to recover the hope of loving heroically and completely.We have no skeletons in our marital closet (as a matter of fact we have no closet) because we made a decision a long time ago to be completely honest about the things we went through and the lessons we learned.

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I was blessed with a wonderful woman and we will be getting married soon ! Godbless a lot CDFF and to those who still waiting for thier soulmate be patience and wait for the right and perfect timing of God for us!

Iowa's giving up on dating sites , signed up for yours and approximately 10 minutes in , Wow ! We fell in love instantly and have been a blessing to each other since we met ! Hello, On 13/05/2015 I registered for CDFF, I met the most amazing woman. We began talking as friends at first but that friendship soon turned in to love.

Iowa's just going to unsubscribe and God brought us together ! We constantly mailed texted and skyped each other for 7 months.

March 26,2016 I got my fiance visa on hand and April 1, 2016 me and my daughter arrived to Texas , April 8 2016 we got married , a dream come true for both of us having a Godly awesome husband and his supportive family,he complete me, i couldnt ask for more..

Nothing you're going through in your marriage right now is so desperate, so hopeless and so unique, that someone hasn't gone through it before you and lived to see their joy return.

Our divorce reconciliation story (opens in new tab or window) bears witness to the fact that God can fix any marriage no matter how broken.

This website is for you if: The difference between our Christian marriage help and values-neutral marriage counseling is that our approach helps you (and possibly your spouse) live up to the responsibility you have to live your best life, to love freely and heroically, and to be all you've dreamed and suspected you could be.

I just want to , Thank you and our Heavenly Father , for my Beautiful fiance' ! Thank you so much CDFF God made this site as an instrument to meet my husband and my forever.

Then after he flew back to USA by November same year he started the process to petition me and my daughter using Fiance Visa.