Cox, Valdis Filks, and Santhosh Rao, analysts of Gartner, Inc.Summary The storage vendor landscape is rapidly changing as established vendors reorganize and emerging storage vendors grow their market credibility.We outline vendor product and marketing strategies, their strengths and weaknesses, and their ability to meet the expectations of I&O leaders for GPDAs.

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About the expert speaker: Rick Sherman is the founder of Athena IT Solutions, a Boston-based consulting firm that provides data warehouse, business intelligence and data management consulting, training and vendor services.

In addition to over 20 years in the business, Sherman is also a published author of many articles, an industry speaker, a judge for industry awards and an expert and frequent contributor to Search Data

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Typical workloads may include databases, virtual server and virtual desktop (VDI) infrastructures, and applications for messaging and collaboration.

This market segment includes (HDD and hybrid midrange SSD plus HDD back-end configurations with auto-tiering functionality), high-end and NAS systems.

Solid-state arrays (SSAs) are not included in this Magic Quadrant because Gartner has created an SSA Magic Quadrant that can provide better insights into this rapidly growing and evolving market. (AMI) is a self-funded, privately-held company with a 30-year history of developing hardware and software IT products.

Master data management (MDM) programs differ greatly between organizations.

The MDM implementation style depends greatly on an organization's core business, corporate structure and goals, experts say.

At a high level, experts generally agree that there are three distinct styles of MDM, which require different best practices and technology tools.

Learn more about these three styles of master data management, often referred to as operational, analytical and enterprise MDM.