Peacefully nestled among the range of snow-capped lofty mountains, Darjeeling is synonymous with three Ts, Tea, Tiger Hill and Toy Train, combined together.It is fondly and justifiably nicknamed as ‘The Queen of the Hills’.

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It is located on Robertson Road and only 2 minutes walking distance from Mall Road frequented by the tourists.

The hotel is a few miles drive from nearby Bagdogra airport and New Jalpaiguri railway station.

It greets the guests into its 5-star majestic structure that is in perfect keeping with the magnificent surroundings.

Darjeeling is a beautiful place where modernity and tradition are leading a happy conjugal life.

The famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a world heritage site, has fast running Land Rovers as well as miniature toy train meandering along the rocky terrain up the hill station. A mix of cane and wooden furniture ups the glam quotient by a few notches.

All modern amenities are provided to the travelers who come here to relax and bask in opulence and comfort.

Beauty on all hands, it is what Darjeeling means to the travelers.

From every room of Hotel Sonar Bangla, you can get an opportunity to drink to the dollops of panoramic view that Darjeeling is worldwide famous for.

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