Drafting your personal profile on an online dating service can be painstaking.It's one thing if you're looking for a quick hook-up: in that case, all you need is some hot pictures and the patience to sift.

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Perhaps it's easier if we can start by finding someone who likes the things we like., (May 17, FSG Books) the second chapter is dedicated to the "likes" that drive the online dating experience.

To illustrate her point -- agreement or disagreement with our interests tends to make or break a date -- she relates the common experience of becoming uninterested in someone you've hooked up with after that person directly offends your personal taste.

A first date is going unbelievably well until your date starts waxing poetic about the artistic genius of Nickelback. While men, women, and everyone in between in the modern era base compatibility with a potential mate on shared interests, Moira's insights primarily deal with the female perspective in dating dynamics.