When this happens, the relationship is headed for absolute failure.Recently, the United States Census Bureau stated that approximately 38 percent of married couples would eventually divorce.

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Somewhere down the line intimacy and sex became interchangeable words, many people believing they are one and the same.

And while intimacy may include sex, it involves much more.

Intimacy encompasses an entire way of being, acting, and thinking.

It is a place of commitment, vulnerability, and trust.

Intimacy is when both spouses understand each other while simultaneously feeling understood.

People can be married for years and never truly be intimate with each other.You can find help right now for your marriage by contacting a professional marriage counselor on our site.Theravive is pro-marriage, and we believe that your relationship is worth saving.Unfortunately, for the most part, we all carry emotional baggage with us before we even enter committed relationships that when we do, we cannot allow ourselves to trust or be open with our partner.Consciously or unconsciously, we are always waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop; meanwhile we shut ourselves off from experiencing what we all innately desire — a partnership in which we can simply be, without fear or mistrust.When a relationship lacks intimacy, one or both parties involved can feel unwanted, anxious, lonely, inadequate, depressed, rejected, resentful, and angry just to name a few of the many emotions that surface.