With the sting of that failure still lingering in her life, she decides to make a huge comeback by writing a TV series about singles and starts interviewing people for good story ideas.Young-Eun (Yoo-Sun) quit her boring job as a teacher and one day she decides to introduce the man she will marry to her family.

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Ji-Heon is another guest at the party and finds himself sitting next to Jung-Wan, and is intrigued that she shows little interest in him.

Young-Eun gets incensed when she sees her ex-boyfriend courting a young woman at the same party.

While observing her ex-boyfriend, Young-Eun sees him giving the young woman a necklace that was actually a gift that Young-Eun bought for him.

Hye-Jin (Moon Jeong-Hee) is a self-confident woman, who works as a matchmaker for a living.

At a nightclub party, she meets a wealthy and handsome guy called Ji-Heon who is committed on staying single, and becomes attracted to him.

Ji-Heon (Yoon Sang-Hyun) finds Hye-Jin charming because of her spunky personality.

Meanwhile Jung-Wan (Kim Yu-Mi), who was once a star writer, struggles to salvage her career after the TV series she worked on flopped badly with viewers.

Hye-Jin, Jung-Wan, and Young-Eun used to be good friends in elementary school but have lost touch with each other.

Young-Eun finds herself at a wine party organized by Hye-Jin’s matchmaking company to meet other men.