One of the winning features of the L96 rifle was design of the stock.

The rubber butt pad is also a nice touch considering some of the L96 variants do not have a soft rubber pad and therefore is not as comfortable to shoulder as this TM version.

The cheek pad is also fully adjustable up to around 4inches extended support.

There are no wobbles at all along the whole gun, considering the gun is mainly made of plastic and only takes 3 screws to hold the receiver and the barrel to the body, which I will describe in further detail below.

This package comes with a very modest price tag considering its new revolutionary design features all the improvements the china branded ones was supposed to have.

With its consistency in power and shot accuracy on top of the authentic looks of this gun having all the realistic features in all the right places, you will sure look the part on your sniper loadout impression.

If you were to look for a bolt action spring L96, then we strongly recommend that you consider this Marui L96! Back in the 80's, the British Army started to search for a replacement service rifle to replace the Enfield L39 and L42 where it has been in service for around 30years.Accuracy International and Parker-Hale were the main competitors with the L96 and the Model82 respectively.This may be a statement to show the end users that this is a 100% genuine TM product since there are quite a few Chinese branded alternatives on the market today.Upon opening the box, you will notice the L96 is nicely supported with foam blocks around it to dampen any bumps it may encounter during transportation, what makes this even better is that the packaging comes with a Velcro strap holding the gun securely in place just in front of the mag well.The finish on the gun is pretty nice as the plastic has a nice sturdy feel to it even though most of it is plastic and does not have the 'cheapo' plastic feel you get on some models of the L96.The mold joints can be seen although it is not something that would be blatantly obvious although one part of the stock is not so much expected in terms of quality from TM is the base of the grip where you can see the plastic entered the mold and has not been finished to eliminate that blemish.