Reader Days of Broken Arrows writes: Exactly right.While the cad/dad dichotomy of choice in women is as ancient as the tree of life, the social constraints on satisfying the dichotomy have never been looser than now.

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Not all women are so aggressively calculating, but most feel the subsonic thump of compulsion to autonomically follow the alpha fux, beta bux dating strategy.

It’s your job as a man with functioning testicles to stop women from using you in this manner.

Paradoxically, most women will love you harder for stopping them from indulging their worst instincts.

Some gross feminist careerist reptile who works for Facebook (dying media company if the decline in young recruits is any indication) has a long interview in Salon explaining her insipid views on the disparity between the sexes in upper echelon representation and the oft-debunked (but obviously not often enough) “gender pay gap”.

I urge you to skim it quickly, because it’s largely the usual unverifiable, proof by assertion femcunt claptrap.

However, there is one response she gives which bracingly reveals how a lot of modern American women, unawares or not, strategize their dating lives.Look, I’m not pretending I can give advice to every single person or every single couple for every situation; I’m making the point that we are not going to get to equality in the workforce before we get to equality in the home. I say “pick a partner.” If that partner is female you are in good shape because you are likely to split up things very evenly; the data’s very strong that same-sex couples split responsibilities much more evenly.[ed: could you imagine being hitched to this repulsive ballbuster? [ed: the data is also strong that dyke couples have high rates of domestic violence] If you are a female and your partner is likely to be male, this is something to really pay attention to.I say in the book, date the bad boys, date the crazy boys, but do not marry them.Marry the boys who are going to change half of the diapers.“I don’t wanna sound like a feminist slut or nothin…