Vatel occasionally organises employment forums where the students have the opportunity to meet and discuss with the human resource managers of major hospitality companies about their career prospects after school.Employment Holders of Master’s Degrees blend in easily into companies with a higher capacity and a majority of them get Indefinite working contracts.

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They conclude the year with an internship carried out in the same country itself.

For each subject studied, the student first reviews the broad strategic rules, and then studies a specific case of its application in large companies.

International Hospitality Internships The Industrial Relations Manager who is in charge of the operational and management internships conducts sessions to assess your profile and advice you on your career options based on your performance and motivation.

Course work is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.

The programme enables students to develop and cultivate managerial competencies such as analytical and organisational skills in addition to nurturing their ability to anticipate and decide rapidly and precisely on matters and situations that arise in all areas of the hotel management sector.

Competitive fee structure Just compare the equivalent degrees of any other major hotel school.You will realize that the cost of studying at Vatel in some countries is up to 50% cheaper.Master in International Hotel Management Today, the hospitality and tourism industry is cosmopolitan and globalized, and therefore scouts for trained and qualified personnel.The Master Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management combines a university teaching approach with a professional edge, whose aim is to train operational and higher managers in the field of hospitality with a wide range of equipment and facilities pertaining to international companies.This programme prepares students for specialised executive and managerial positions in hospitality and tourism companies.The programme combines cutting-edge management science with traditional know-how in hotel and restaurant management.