Her theory..by changing her expectations and merely hoping for a free meal instead of lasting happiness, dating will be an easier road to travel. At the seemingly good advice of my best friend I have never met, I decided to give the spy a chance.

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The only problem that I have, is that when it comes to physical affection, he seems to be a little too passive.

I love affection; holding hands, a cute kiss, and putting a hand on my waist, are all just little things that I need.

I don't want to be the only person that instigates those things. And to make matters worse, his dogs lay all over his bed.

A wise women made the point that a very small part of everyday is spent in the bedroom. On Sunday, I went over to his house to help him dust and polish furniture for his moms immanent arrival, then we went shopping together and he made me dinner. So by the time dinner was over, my black sweatshirts had become a Jack Russel Terrier / Mutt colored fur coat. I suppressed my freak out for as long as possible, but somewhere in the middle of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I snapped.

It turned out delicious and I loved sitting in his kitchen, listening to music, that I'm certain he was silently judging me for, and just watching him cook. Even Johnny Depp couldn't keep me there another second. But lounging around in a pile of dog hair just isn't me, my OCD trumped his feelings in this case.

Things got a little weird when we grabbed our plates and he headed to his room. After my little freak out, I wondered if this was the end.

But by the very next day, the spy texted me to let me know that the situation was fixed.

Things in the last two weeks have gone well with the spy.

I had a ton of fun with him at our favorite watering hole, He loved my Chili Verde, and I love that while he doesn't always know what I want, he adapts with very little suggestion.

After a small tif, he sent me a text "are you upset with me?

Because I really enjoy your company." It was just what I needed to hear.