singing has been a major fixture of just about every Filipino gathering from birthdays to anniversaries and even wakes for the departed, but while such a city law could be very difficult to enforce given the expected opposition from karaoke die-hards, Binay said the city government will exercise political will to implement it.Stars, which was created by Liverpool events company Vital Attractions with creative entrepreneur Phil Matthews, means people's heads are superimposed onto dancing animated characters while they sing along to the music.This debate corner is for discussion purposes only.

Bakit hindi natin hayaan na sila ang magpakahirap na umintindi sa wika natin ! And if we will use the certain language/dialect, be sure that the teachers are already exposed to it, for they should be accurate in the things that they will teach us.

This lesson will pass through generations, that would lead to our nation's success.

Again, we are discussing about the dialect/language that would be are medium of teaching, not our communicating language. tama kayong lahat kasi, may iba't-ibang pananaw tayo.

s policy of using English as the medium of instruction in our schools.

According to those who filed the petition, the push for the use of English in our classrooms will only lead to further deterioration of what?

s already been described as a rather inferior quality of education. should we really impose a certain language as the primary medium of instruction? my prof said " dapat na gamitin na lenggwahe o wika sa pagtuturo ay ang winiwika rin ng batang tinuturuan upang sa gayon magkaintindihan at lubos na matuto ang bata :) got it?? YES English is our universal language .Filipino is my first language ..

Those who support the 2003 Executive Order filed by President Arroyo on the other hand argue that doing away with English as the medium of instruction will inevitably hurt the country and our people more because they believe that a less competitive workforce will emerge. 3 months ago, I would have been right on the side of government. I recognize that learning to speak and write in English in this age of globalization is necessary especially if we would like to be able to compete in the knowledge-based world. But if we look at things realistically, it seems like our public education system is just not set up for this yet. I understand that standards are needed and must be met. t we perhaps just be a bit more liberal with our views? t teachers be allowed to use the most effective communication tools that will allow them to articulate their lesson plans best? t that, in the end, help their students to grasp the material better and truly learn? We start to learn our own, and our own way will lead us to know another way.

Having had the opportunity to travel and study abroad, I fully recognize the value of being able to speak and write fluently in English. Posted by: Lourdes Villanueva Date posted: Jun 20,2007got cha! It is just like this, we learn english because we know filipino language,.

I know that it was due in part to my English proficiency that I didn? So therefore there is no understanding in english if we don't know the Filipino language ... para san pa ang pagiging Pilipino kung hindi mo gagamitin ang "TAGALOG" bilang ating wika ?!