SECTION 1E - Game difficulty ---------------------------- You can change the game difficulty any time you can access the Disk option screen. Difficulty level only affects combat, unlike in Wizardry VIII; it does not affect which particular monsters show up either. If you don't want that in Wizardry VI, then don't add it to the game! If you artifically slow down the game to time opening a lock or chest, you are not only cheating, you may also be one of those people who will then complain that Wizardry VI includes an action game element.

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It may be as simple as the game only keeping track of the most recent level change, but I have not fully tested this.

However, it sometimes doesn't do this properly; how and when this happens isn't clear.

(6) Maximum Level Bug Wizardry VI does keep track of the highest level each character has ever achieved, which it does to control level-up hit point gains, magic point gains, and miss chance reduction (see section 2E and 2F for details).

WIZARDRY VI: BANE OF THE COSMIC FORGE Miscellaneous Facts and Spoilers Version 1.41 - December 21, 2013 by Stephen S. I believe game difficulty affects the ability of monsters to hit you, and their resistance to magic.

Lee ([email protected]) You may distribute this file freely, so long as you give proper credit to me. It definitely affects the number of monsters that appear.

This was derived from the PC version; I make no guarantees about applicability to other platforms. At Easy, each monster group has one fewer monster, to a minimum monster group size of one monster.

Please feel free to e-mail me with corrections or suggestions. At Expert, each monster group has one more monster, to a maximum monster group size of nine monsters.

It's not; the red and green flashes only give you a rough idea of how good of a chance you have to bypass the lock or trap.

The likely reason why the game may not appear to run fast is sound; the sound capability in this game is very primitive and causes a lot of slowdown. * A lot of people believe that the lockpicking/chest interface represents some kind of timed videogame puzzle.

(See section 1B.) * The game should be very fast on either a IBM PC or compatible that is no older than a 286, or running DOSBox on any computer made since 2000.

(7) Mass Status Condition Bug Occasionally while in combat, the first character in your party will suddenly lose a lot of hit points and stamina, and also get hit with a wide variety of status conditions that typically do not include Stoned or Dead, but often does include Hypnotized. (8) Things which appear to be bugs, but are not * If you cannot ever hit any monster in melee at all, you didn't crack the game's copy protection correctly.