Terrance Weinzierl, an in-house type designer at Monotype, was put to the task.

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The shadow is not just a straight extrude, there are some cheated angles to make them look right. I usually bounce back and forth between drawing and research, looking up things when I get stuck on a certain problem. At some point, you need to stop looking at other people’s work, and start making your own! It’s hard to know when to stop, especially if you’re working alone. Deadlines are necessary, either from a client or self-imposed. I like the whole campaign CP+B put together, and they used the custom fonts well.

My mantra is ‘progress, not perfection.’ If you find yourself working in circles, set it aside for a while and come back to it. I think it can help to plan on throwing away your first few attempts or prototypes; that’s the practice before the race. And of course I would like typographically-rich pizza packaging!

I’ve worked very hard on many projects where I remain anonymous, and I think that happens to a lot of designers.

I had been working towards and waiting for a project like this for 5 years, there are no overnight successes!

Someone who is gorgeous inside and out, isn't afraid to be themselves...someone who is truthful and acts mature(to an extent)....it'd be nice if the person could have the same interest and hobbies as me(music, singing, drawwing, writing, social networking, smoking, video games, reads animes and regular books, watches movies, etc etc etc) am very playful , child like, love to be outside ,,, I have to have my piece of mind every day ,, I love movies, music, good food, beautiful atmosphere, I have a passion for old cars ,racing!!!

Motorcycles,,, love tatoos muscles and piercings appreciates someone who takes care of themselves I try...

I want what everyone wants to really be loved open handed not closed fisted....

I’m very pleased to be able to share the story, and have my signature on the typeface.

i guess someone who is at least somewhat nice, I'm not just gonna rule out anyone for stupid reasons id have to get to know you before i start judging you. It's about being able to be comfortable enough with another person to really just be yourself, and have a bit of a deeper connection and bond.