There are a lot of customization options available, as well as several ways to implement it on your website.This new option does not replace the recently added ajax chat.

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The most notable of that is that smilies can now be used. Changes from the old version: Due to the fact that the new flashchat uses a different set of parameters compared to the old one, and the fact that the new codegenerator is also different, it was impossible to convert old already created chatcodes to use the new system.

The old codes still work, but to fully use the new one, we invite you to register and create new codes.

To test the new flash chat, click on the link below, which was created using the new codegenerator: : This service gives website owners the option to show a list of chatters who are currently online in their irc channel.

Click the link to find out more information about this service and how to request access.

: We have added another webchat option to supplement the very old java/jpilot chat.

This new webchat option uses flash instead of java to load the chat, which should put an end to the frequent issues with java installations on client computers.

Ofcourse, for this flash chat, a client computer should have adobe flash player installed. The new flash chat, like the java chat, comes with a code generator which allows you to customize the chat window.

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