You can read the whole article or click on the links to go straight to the relevant section. I haven't got any infections' 'I don't want to wear a condom – I like it natural' 'I can't be bothered using a condom' 'I don't like using condoms' 'I can't wear a condom – I lose sensitivity' 'I forgot to use a condom' 'I can't wear a condom – it affects my performance' 'I can't wear a condom – they hurt.They're too small' 'I can't wear a condom – putting it on ruins the moment' 'I don't need a condom – I'm sterile' 'I can't wear a condom – I've got no change for the machine' 'I don't need a condom – we've been seeing each other for a while' 'I can't wear a condom – I'm allergic to them' It doesn't matter how healthy and fit you are: if you have unprotected sex, you're at risk of catching an STI and dealing with an unwanted pregnancy.It's easy to think it won't happen to you, but it can.

You can't tell whether someone's got an infection by looking at them.

You or your partner may not realise that you have an STI because many people have no noticeable symptoms – around 70% of women with chlamydia and 50% of men with chlamydia don't have symptoms.

Just because you can't see any obvious symptoms, such as sores or warts, it doesn't mean you're free from STIs.

When you have sex, both of you are responsible for your sexual health – protecting yourselves against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Some people think it's acceptable to pressure their partner into having sex without a condom. People might have several reasons for not wanting to use one.

Dr Petra Boynton, agony aunt and psychologist, has heard them all before.

In this article, she responds to the most common excuses to give you the confidence to insist on using a condom.

“Thank you to all the women of the Church who are reaching out across age and cultural lines to bless and serve others. If there are barriers, it is because we ourselves have created them.

We must stop concentrating on our differences and look for what we have in common; then we can begin to realize our greatest potential and achieve the greatest good in this world.” —Bonnie L.

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