When you are first experimenting with sex, it's very common to experience some problems and disappointments.

Learn what you each like as far as touching and get to know your bodies.

You can also talk with an adult and/or your doctor.

If you are a minor and would prefer not to share this concern with your parents, ask your doctor to keep your discussion confidential before going into detail.

Most females and some males do not experience an orgasm the first time having sex.

It helps for partners to work with each other, discussing feelings, and building confidence and trust.

Back to top Having difficulty keeping an erection or reaching orgasm for males is not uncommon.Nervousness and pressure to perform can easily make a guy lose his confidence or the mood.This may be in part due to the inexperience of you and/or your partner in the ways of touching and pleasing, nervousness, or worry about the relationship or about possible consequences – such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and your relationship with family.Back to top Ejaculating (cuming) too soon the first time is a common complaint or fear for guys. If it happens to you or your partner, know that it doesn't mean this is how it will always be.Nervousness for some guys can make them lose their erection or not have an orgasm, and for others, it can cause them to lose control in the excitement and cum too early or fast.Feeling comfortable around each other will be vital if you feel you or your partner is cuming too soon.