On March 8, the FBI found a sex tape and 35 naked photos of her on a Facebook page the emailer had set up. Scott Snow of the Newark Police Department, teaches a modern-day lesson.By then, Newark police, with the help of the FBI, had tracked the emails to St. The trail then led them to Latimore, who was in custody on charges of auto theft and aggravated robbery. “Every day we see news stories about people losing intimate photos,” he said.When officers searched his apartment on March 16, 2012, they found the woman’s laptop and two men from Newark. Harris, pleaded guilty in Licking County Common Pleas Court last year to receiving stolen property in connection with the laptop. “I don’t think there’s any way that you can categorically say that your private photos are protected.

As far as he knows, Snow said, the woman didn’t pay any money to the blackmailer. She is still listed as an Ohio State student, majoring in biology. He has a lengthy criminal record in Minnesota that includes convictions for theft, burglary and receiving stolen property.

Latimore used the Metropolitan State University library in St.

Paul to send his bigmoneyyt emails to the woman, according to the federal complaint.

Password-protecting photos on a device won’t keep them hidden from a computer hacker, he said.

“The shame and embarrassment — I’ve seen it over and over again,” Snow said.

The woman made a smart move by reporting the computer’s loss and the threats immediately, Snow said. Solove said the complaint against Latimore wasn’t filed until last week because an unrelated federal charge against him — having a firearm while on probation — was filed first.

Investigators need time to track down an emailer, and they often ask victims to keep lines of communication open without mentioning that law enforcement is involved. Latimore is serving more than 15 years in federal prison on that case.

If the 21-year-old college student hadn’t left her laptop on a library table while she ran to the restroom, the computer might not have been stolen. Paul was charged in a criminal complaint last week with extortion in the case, which stretches back to Dec. That’s the day that the woman, then a student at Ohio State University’s Newark campus, left her Apple Mac Book Pro unattended for a few minutes in the campus library.

If she hadn’t had nude photos of herself on that computer, she might not have been threatened with seeing those photos splashed across the Internet. It was gone when she returned, and she reported the loss to university police. Oh yea, you have a very lovely body.” Newark police began investigating the source of the emails. 27, 2012, the woman received an emailed threat from [email protected]: Pay the sender ,000 or he would send two videos from her computer plus explicit photos of her to Internet porn sites and to everyone in her address book.

And if she hadn’t immediately notified police about her stolen laptop and the blackmail attempt, a Minnesota man might not be facing federal charges in U. Court records provide the case details: Thirteen days after her laptop was snatched, an email popped into the woman’s OSU account from [email protected] The next day she wrote to him that she was trying to come up with the money and begged him not to post the photos.

It said, in part, “I’m sure I have something you want very badly back. Over the next few days, [email protected] her again and again with threats.