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Girls in their thirties are mostly serious about getting someone fast at that age if they want much chance of a family at all, so same goals as myself.3).

A girl with a high command of English - if a girls turns up with chemistry that is not great English but is really into me while out there fine, but as far the online search goes, no to girls without a high command of English.

Not due to just wanting a simple path but I discovered while out there that girls that spoke good English were far easier to gel with on a personal/emotional level.

They will also receive free response options to let you know if they are interested in you. Greetings Send to friend Click here to pay by sms Name: Victoria Age: 34Registration date: Date of last visiting: Updating date: Zodiac: Capricorn Country: Ghana City: new york Height: 4'6" (137cm)Weight: 90 lbs(41kg)Eye color: grey Hair color: black Marital status: never married Children: yes Education: MA/MSOccupation: student My favorite pastime: movies My favorite music: country My personality traits: honest, kind, faithful, smart My favorite cuisine: not specified Languages: English Religion: Christian Heritage: Afro-American Do you drink? : I do not smoke, and smoking bothers me How do you feel about drugs? About Me: I m looking for a very honest man for relationship.

I'm looking for someone that can make me feel like a woman, someone I can trust, someone who don't care about who I am, I must have someone who is good at talking and listening.

Ok this is the new search specification as a result of what I learned from Odessa/Nikolaev Trip, above all of course I will be skyping until certain of girl, I will update as I go along as may not think of everything at once. Chemistry - using Skype to establish this as much and as far as possible, decisions based on degree of chemistry possibly obtainable over Skype and number of girls I visit will be based on this. A girl in her thirties - at least for online dating search, if I met a younger girl while out there on the hoof fine if chemistry was there and she was willing to commit, but for Online search I want a girl that is serious and not messing around.

I'm not willing to search through a load of girls in their twenties in the hope of finding the odd few that are serious.

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