Knowing him to be an unusual performer, my interest in him has grown and I thought I would explore his world in more detail.When Watts was a thirty-something living in Seattle, he found himself in his twentieth or so band wondering how exactly he was going to earn a decent living.Reflecting on his old high school days and remembering himself as a goofball comedian, academic, explorer, and musician, he took his fascination with the human experience and cause and effect analysis, connected everything and became the solo performer we know today who, in a world rife with pastiche, is a unique performer who plays by his own rules and his audience loves him for that.

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Yeah, Andy Warhol did it, but there was a contextual reason for it.” It’s one thing to have someone who’s not experienced in music to call out something…It’s important for people that do have experience in music, if they feel strongly about something, to say something about it. But those are the most important things for advancing human culture…Those are the things that are curious and explorative and that’s what human beings are. I love the intersection between technology and the human interface and interaction but more importantly what does it do as a tool to people’s experiences and does it distract? We need something that’s intuitive immediately so people can engage that curious part of themselves because if people are occupied with things that are creative and curious, it only increases their intelligence and their understanding of the world.

The Internet is not promoting responsibility or accountability for a statement which can thereby create a discussion. …I’m interested in what engages people’s curiosities. It gives them options to be able to have multiple perspectives at any moment in time.

And that’s incredibly powerful and I think the reason there’s so much trouble, violence and division is because of people just getting ingrained to just see something in just a few different ways and to react in a way that they see and mimic.

While I like some of Watts’ work, I’m not exactly a superfan.

After watching this interview, though, what I have become a big fan of is Reggie Watts, the person. When I perform it’s about subverting expectation, but getting to a point in which people just kind of surrender to an experience and hopefully that inspires some kind of self-exploration or just immersion to let them be and experience or take away, perhaps, at best, something that makes them think of things differently. And there I was, a dude who looked like this and wasn’t behaving in the way they do.

Below are some of the great ideas he brings forth in this hour long, uninterrupted episode of VICE podcast. I definitely loved the fact that people expected — well, they didn’t really quite know what to expect really, because all they really had was movies and TV: Eddie Murphy does this. So in a way Montana was a good place to grow up because people didn’t have too many expectations.

“It’s one thing to take the Mona Lisa and copy 98% of it.

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