The success they had was a thorn in the view of the guild builders in the region.

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Christian also felt strongly attracted to building music instruments.

At age 15 Christan Friedich was apprenticed to the Viennese violin and guitarbuilder Johann Stauffer.

Soon he showed much talent and was appointed by Stauffer to master servant.

After this learning school he returned to Marneukirchen and opened with his father a own little construction company in violin and guitar.

Because the connections and transportation were much better.

In 1859 he settled there with his family on the corner of Main and North Street.

It soon built the company, which then consisted of only six people, 200 guitars a year.

Creator of what generally as the most fine acoustic guitars in the world is considered.

More than one hundred fifty years, the company that distinction through dedication and professionalism its founder Christian Frederick Martin retained.