Most of you have probably heard that Pee Wee Herman will be making a comeback on the big screen soon in a Judd Apatow-produced film.

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Tim Burton knew that Paul Reubens — known mostly as the wickedly gleeful Pee-Wee Herman — had the perfect balance of whimsy and horror to play the father of the Penguin in Batman Returns.

And now, almost 25 years later, he returns to the role on Gotham, cast as Elijah Van Dahl, long-lost father of Oswald Cobbelpot.

Originally, Reubens thought bringing him onto the show was Penguin actor Robin Lord Taylor’s idea.

Reubens is close friends with Carol Kane — who played Penguin’s mother — and she brought Taylor to meet him for lunch while he was in town to film The Blacklist.

“Halfway through lunch, they said they’re thinking about bringing the father into the story,” recalls Reubens. I said yes immediately.” When he talked to the producers, they said they had already been thinking of him when Taylor brought up the idea.

Gotham‘s blend of over-the-top theatrics and genuine physical menace is a difficult tone to achieve, and the show spent much of its first season struggling to maintain it.

But now the drama has found its groove, and it was easy for Reubens to slide into place like he had been there from day one.“We had an immediate rapport and an immediate ability to draw deep emotion out of each other,” says Reubens of his onscreen son.

29) “Tonight Show,” Paul Reubens teased some details about the new Pee-wee Herman movie — watch above. Apparently, Cyndi Lauper sang the theme song but was billed under a pseudonym. “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” complete series Blu-ray is available now.

The movie has been in the works since spring 2012, so it remains to be seen if it will actually happen, but Reubens says a big official announcement is coming soon.

Reubens also reveals that he was on “The Dating Game” in character as Pee-wee.

Also below, Fallon and Reubens talk about the release of the TV show “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” on Blu-ray, which has been completely remastered, and the famous people who appeared on the show.