Zach Hyman recalls the phone conversation as if it happened just a week ago – which of course, it did.It was on a Sunday afternoon when he received the call telling him to come to the Air Canada Centre the next morning for a pre-game skate.That’s a skate with the Toronto Maple Leafs, it should be noted, not with the AHL’s Toronto Marlies, with whom he’d been playing all season.

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Up in the stands, besides the diehard fans of Leafs Nation, were the charter members of the Hyman fan club.

His parents, brothers and other family members were present, as were plenty of friends.

With the first two tickets provided by the Leafs, he set up his girlfriend, whom he met while attending the Anne and Max Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, and her mother.

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Chat rooms with voice technology demonstrate exactly what happens when we allow the internet to speak.The following video is an actual real-time recording, with minimal or no editing, of actual human beings speaking on the internet.“It’s something you’ve been dreaming about your whole life.” Like countless other Canadian kids, Hyman grew up playing hockey and dreaming of playing in the NHL.Of course, only a very small number ever get to live the dream, so Hyman and the three other Marlies call-ups were joining some very select company, indeed.“I felt more excited than nervous,” he said of the actual game-day.READ: OTTAWA-BORN GOALIE GETS NHL CALL-UP He and his Marlies buddies, including centre William Nylander, were called upon to take the opening faceoff against the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Filppula line, backed up by defenceman Victor Hedman. “It felt good,” Hyman said of playing on the opening and not having to wait to be called upon on the bench.