Windows Media Player enables you to access and enjoy music and video from the Internet, both on your personal computer and on a wide variety of portable media players.Windows Media Player offers you easy access to features provided by Internet-based online stores.

retrieving media information and updating files-21

IMessage Filter was not implemented properly Note: IMessage Filter doesn't work with WPF applications.

It is VERY likely that this is the last update to this code.

It never was the intent of this code to handle messages.

The author has added the implementation of IMessage Filter as a step in that direction after doing a bit of Googling.

The author finds it amusing that he is still getting questions on this code 8 years later. He wrote it originally for an open source media center.

Most of the questions are related to the handling of keystrokes. The changes and additions where added because of user request.

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader Good luck!

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