The initial issue I was observing, was that my graphs weren't updating.So I checked my This goes on for 4 more minutes until the process is forcefully ended for running longer than 298s.I went on for a good hour trying to determine what poller might still be running, until I got to the conclusion that there simply is no running poller.

rrd files not updating cacti-58

=(none)/Reinst-required (Status, Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name Version Description +++-===============================-===============================-============================================ r F cacti 0.8.7e-2 Frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems a rc cacti-spine 0.8.7e-2build1 Multi-Threading poller for cacti rc libgd2-noxpm 2.0.36~rc1~dfsg-3.1ubuntu1 GD Graphics Library version 2 (without XPM s after installing the above: Reading package lists...

Done Building dependency tree Reading state information...

Done Reading extended state information Initializing package states... I don't understand why aptitude want to remove mpm-worker if it doesn't detect it as a conflict (via aptitude why-not). apache2-mpm-worker and apache2-mpm-prefork are packages that are mutual exclusive, i.e. Since the package you install depends on apache2-mpm-prefork, it will installed, hence apache2-mpm-worker must be removed.

Done The following NEW packages will be installed: apache2-mpm-prefork{a} cacti dbconfig-common{a} libapache2-mod-php5{a} libdbd-mysql-perl{a} libdbi-perl{a} libhtml-template-perl{a} libnet-daemon-perl{a} libphp-adodb{a} libplrpc-perl{a} mysql-client-5.1{a} mysql-client-core-5.1{a} mysql-server{a} mysql-server-5.1{a} mysql-server-core-5.1{a} php5-cli{a} php5-common{a} php5-mysql{a} php5-snmp{a} rrdtool{a} snmp{a} The following packages will be REMOVED: apache2-mpm-worker{a} 0 packages upgraded, 21 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Whoops, I commented before I understood what txwikinger was talking about.

Yes, from the package states readout above, cacti depends on mpm-prefork, which, as txwikinger points out, conflicts with mpm-worker (I'm taking your word for this, aptitude why-not apache2-mpm-prefork does not make this obvious).

I am currently setting up a new Debian (6.0.5) server.

I put Cacti (0.8.7g) on it yesterday and have been battling with it ever since.

I'm trying to install Django on a machine that is primarily a network administration box; it has nagios and cacti installed on it.

I went in today to install Django, and when I followed the following instruction I got weird results: Told me it was freeing 77 MB worth of files.

I should have taken more notice and stopped, but I assumed if apt-get wanted to do it, that it was probably OK.

The next thing I see however is an ncurses based app explaining that we were now removing cacti. Now my system seems to be in a bit of a weird state (though cacti is still OK).