If Eiyuu Senki is the last new release Play Station 3 game that I play, then the console will have gone out on a high.Looking at the release schedule going forward for the console, it's very limited indeed, so I do suspect that this will be the last exclusive to the platform that you'll see me rave about.

In conquering Japan, we learn that with each new city our hero and his battle maidens capture, his own forces grow, as the previous defenders of the city join his cause.

Then he succeeds in unifying Japan, and the game starts in full, setting you with the task of conquering the entire world.

As this is a visual novel, the introductary session will last you a solid few hours in itself, and this is the weakest part of the game, as you're limited in the number of places you can visit and characters you can deal with.

More than that, though, each of these heroes is now a beautiful woman.

And our male protagonist gets to be in the middle of them all.

Yes, it's a harem fantasy, re-interpreting historical figures as wide as Billy the Kid, to King Arthur and Marco Polo, as the lovely ladies surrounding our lucky man. And so our male at the centre of the narrative sets out to conquer this world of history-but-not-historical-heroes.

Each of the redesigned characters are only very, very loosely based on their namesakes (very loosely), but there's a vague sense of the personality of each that comes through. Before he can do that, though, his first task is to unify Japan, by teaming up with the ancient princess Himiko to take on Oda and win her over to his side.

The result is the game that I have been playing here, as localised by the talented small team at Fruitbat Factory.

Sans the adult content, Eiyuu Senki is a fanservice-heavy visual novel, mixed with some interesting world conquest strategy and tactics RPG elements.

It's a big game in terms of raw content, a surprisingly deep game, and it's hugely entertaining stuff.

The (male) protagonist (who you get to name) finds himself whisked from the real world to a fantasy universe where various great historical figures from throughout history have come together to battle it out for world conquest.