Ah, relationships: They're complicated little things. Everyone knows the key to maintaining any good relationship is healthy communication, but what role do all those things in your relationship that don't revolve around talking — like cuddling — play?Fear not if your boyfriend isn't big on emotional overshare; the way he cuddles with you says pretty much everything you need to know about how your relationship.You know what I'm talking about: Remember that “Sex and the City” episode where Aidan ostracizes Carrie from his “nook” in the bedroom because he's pissed at her?

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After all, haven’t we always been told actions speak louder than words? At night, our subconscious takes over, exposing our rawest selves and our realest emotions.

The way we cuddle says a lot about our relationships.

Now, of course, you're not going to sleep in the same exact position every night; it's only natural to switch it up.

But have you ever wondered why our bodies decide to switch up positions with our partners in the first place?

Well, the positions in which you cuddle are a sort of barometer that measures just how smoothly (or not smoothly) your relationship is going.

And a sudden change in the way you sleep with your partner could be cause for concern.

Richard Wiseman, a UK professor, conducted a survey in which he asked over 1,000 people what their favorite sleeping positions are.

He then asked them to rate the quality of their relationships to find out the link between the way they slept and the way they felt.

The findings of the study put some of my questions to bed (wink, wink): 86 percent of those surveyed who admitted to sleeping less than an inch away from each other claimed to be happy in their relationships.

Contrastingly, only 4 percent of those same couples surveyed enjoyed cuddling facing each other with all body parts touching (seriously, can anyone actually stay like that the entire night? So if you're in need of an indicator of how well your relationship is going, here's what the position you cuddle in with your special someone says about it.

Uh-oh, this one means there could be trouble in paradise.