I do not smoke,do drugs and never did in my life and i drink a little wine or champagne.

I'm over weight with a big heart kind gentle caring open mined low income slow learner but i can date any one i want too just waiting for the right lady to open that door.

I'm diabetic i have not dated in over 27 years I have a wild side witch you ladies can ask about later.

I have a 26 year old daughter i'm serious about hooking up with a lady only one i have humor you would have to get to know me to fine out.

It has always been in me to build a family of mixed race.

I have always wanted to be the wife for my Caucasian husband and the mother of our mixed race children Basically I am interested in an interracial marriage. Originally I have come from a very conservative family but growing up a learned to be open minded of course within acceptable limits. Its a little intimidating ,its actually my first time being on the site like this.

Therefore being on this site I take it very seriously as a step towards meeting a Christian man who would be interested in me, a man with similar intentions of course. So don't be intimidated, I would respond to any message from you "my potential Mr. Please Lets keep in touch you will get to know a lot more about me.I could be shy initially but as I get to know you of course I go with the flow I am a medical student at the University of Alberta planning to do some traveling during the summer break (June, 2014).I am searching for a friend I mean a special Caucasian male friend to be precise.Specifically I would be interested to meet a Christian special friend.You don't have to be religious but some faith in the Lord will do for me.As you would probably wonder , Yes I am marriage minded.