Deadline for Cancellations – Friday, December 4 Festival Passes are non-transferable.No name changes on either first or second pass (if purchased) once name has been submitted.

It's a very successful way to see some of the films that sell out early, and we've just made it easier by allowing you to sign up anywhere with an internet connection. Our new, exciting, mobile-enabled check-in system allows festivalgoers to reserve a line position over the internet, and provides self-serve kiosks for those without an internet capable device.

No more waiting in long, cold lines for two hours prior to screening time for a waitlist number!

Festivalgoers will now have the ability to receive a waitlist number for a screening via any internet capable device.

Pass holders need to be in line at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time to guarantee admittance.

You're coming to the Festival to see films, not to read an epic of fine print.

But we promise reading this page will ease your Festival experience, and in the end save you time by understanding the ins and outs of ticketing.

Please take a look and there may even be some fun facts along the way.

The Sundance Film Festival reserves the right to prohibit any sales during this Festival and in future years to any ticket buyer who is identified or has been identified as a ticket reseller.

This pertains to re-sales above, below, or at face value.