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It is the plan for a north-south California High-Speed Rail system, which had its genesis before Jerry Brown’s second coming as California’s governor but is now his signature project as he runs for reelection to an unprecedented fourth term. However I do not think the present plan for HSR is going to avert this problem. Currently there are about 15 M annual person trips between the LA Basin and SF Bay areas by highway and air, about evenly divided. In the US for a trip of this length ~400 miles where there is good air service, the proportion of highway trips is generally much lower.

I am not a fan of the project and would like to make the following observations— Your concern about what is going to happen without HSR in California is well placed.

I have followed your articles on CAHSR with great interest.

For now, the HSR mailbag.1) "Ridership forecasts are simply unbelievable." This is from someone with extensive technical experience in high-speed Maglev train projects.

Soon after Labor Day we'll be back in this space with reports on the cities we have visited over the summer, from Duluth, Minnesota to Winters, California, and points in between.

There are still more legal challenges ahead, plus debate about the plan in this fall's California election; plus ongoing sniping between the most influential Democrat in California, Jerry Brown in Sacramento, and the most influential Republican, House Majority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy in Washington. Also as an upcoming guide: We are continuing our American Futures journeys, including right now in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where we are meeting the team tomorrow. Early this month, a three-judge panel of a California state appeals court gave the project a significant boost, by overturning a lower-court ruling that had blocked the system's major source of funding. Today we'll hear a range of questions, complaints, fears, and outright denunciations of the system, drawn from mail that has arrived in the past few weeks. 9, we'll go into some further environmental, financial, and land-use aspects of the plan. 10, I'll offer my unified field theory on why the 90 percent of Americans who don't live in California should care about the plan, and why I think it can be an important step for the state that has long been most influential in setting technological and environmental standards.Each month Positive Force hosts both fun and educational events that offer you a chance to meet other HIV-positive guys, grow your social network, and learn how to live your healthiest life with HIV.Check out what's coming up, and let us know if you'd like to attend.If you have any questions about our events, contact the Positive Force team at [email protected] David Letterman can put out a Top Ten list night after night for decades, we can certainly make it all the way to 10 in our chronicles of the California High-Speed Rail debates. 8 in a series on the most ambitious and consequential infrastructure project now under consideration in our infrastructure-degraded land. Congestion on highways and at airports is bound to reach epic proportions.