Otherwise, please send through the donation in full if you cancel 48 hours before arrival.Also, if something comes up and there is no way you can make it, please let me know rather than just not turn up.My supper club has now move to my second home, my studio and kitchen in London Fields, just off Broadway Market by the canal in Hackney.

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You should arrive at about 645pm, dinner starts at pm and usually ends by 9pm.

Unless you come in a group bigger than 3, you will be sat with other people like at a friend’s dinner party and its great fun. Address and details will be sent via email a few days before dinner.

If you and your friends really enjoy eating and you would like to book the place out for a party, there has to be a minimum of 30 people or you must donate up to 30 people if less.

You must make other arrangements for your party after 930pm. If for some reason the form below doesn’t work, please email me your request: uyen ATuyenluu DOTcom The Small Print Its OK to cancel, life happens, but its not good to cancel close to the supper club date or on the day, you should give me as much notice as possible.

The supper club is about sharing food, sharing a table with strangers, making friends, finding love and eating. pass things around to others, stack up plates and be kind.

Some dishes we may cook: Saigon fresh rolls with pork belly, prawns, perilla, cockscombe, mint & coriander Chicken salad with British vegetables & hot mint Vegetable curry pies Seabass congee Prawn lollies in sugar cane Pho with beef Dill fish cakes with Chinese Mustard Leaf Pork belly and lace noodles great job to you and the family and the dog.

the sea bass Congee with kale and ginger wow , great noodles, amazing exciting shredded salads with lovely spicy vinegar and nut dressings and Saigon summer rolls to name but a few!!!

You should leave extra for my helpers in the kitchen and front of house.

Please specify if you have any allergies, if you eat everything.

If you are a vegetarian, please let me know if you eat fish, seafood and fish sauce as seasoning.

If you would like to have a table just with your companion(s), let me know.