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Talking about sex involving anyone who is not 18 or older, even when reminiscing about your college sex days, or your first sexual experiences (if someone involved was not yet 18) is not allowed.

Impersonating any user is strictly prohibited and will get you permanently banned from using this chat system.

Hate speech, religious topics, and political conversations are not permitted in the public rooms.

This page was updated on – some info about this update here: Rules and disallowed content updates This page, the content guidelines page, and the kicked banned from the chat page were updated 1-30-2015.

Synopsis in a new blog post here: In addition to the rules posted here, there are content guidelines that need to be followed as well.

No one under 18, or pretending to be under the age of 18 years, is allowed to use this site.

If you are aware of a user who is not 18 or older you need to alert the moderator(s).

If you want to discuss such topics you may create another room.

Examples: Important additional information about racial jokes, ethnic statements and hate speech here.