We can discuss shorter term trial periods under certain circumstances. We offer an holistic matchmaking and personal introductions service firstly, as introductions based on personal recruitment and matchmaking to compatible matches is not enough to ensure complete success.We also act as your ‘publicity agent’ or personal marketer in getting you into new circles and more (this may include help with slight image makeovers or attitude adjustments or a better personal branding) and our general lifecoaching will help you to understand your situation with insights, guidance and understanding the dating/mating/relating game, and even better, help in understanding the mind of the opposite sex! There is a refresh admin fee when a member has been non-dating or off the database for a period of time, as reinstating your file and history takes time and resources and requires a refresh interview to update your circumstances, perhaps even a bit of encouraging coaching to get started again. Just like there are less than stellar doctors, lawyers, restaurants or matchmakers – there are exceptional ones.

People join us either because they are getting attention from the ‘wrong’ types, or worse, are invisible/isolated and not getting any attention at all. Some types have agendas that only manifest down the line, or the individual you have given your heart to, turns out to be unstable in some way, beyond your capacity to change.

So why waste time and effort when a professional profiling service and expert matchmaker covers all the bases and has your back? Indeed, we basically have 11 databases, ages 25 – 60, although we try to build bridges between all we can be more specific about your criteria and we have recently welcomed enquiries from upmarket and discerning men and women from the Gay Single Community. Many factors influence success and you could meet someone soon, but then you need a trial period to ‘work it through’ and need our lifecoaching and guidance, and you may decide to quit and try again.

You may make dozens of new friends and just want to socialise a while until Destiny and Love find you.

This time frame is based on expert stats on the dating phenomenon.

The stigma of using a research resource for personal introductions is long gone, although online dating has some success, it is very hard work screening interested parties and it is very tiring experimenting with endless ‘hopefuls’.

A professional elite introductions agency is time saving and ensures a level of compatibility in a safe environment with your personal matchmaker.We emphasise quality over quantity, as pre-qualified selections are offered as a choice, and no random blind dating wastes your precious time as is experienced on dating sites.We can dispel any fears and discuss your options before making a final decision to join, whether you are a shy introvert or an extrovert social butterfly, we work with all personality types and have different databases accordingly. There are many ways to meet new Singletons out there, from internet dating, speed dating, supper clubs, church socials, sports clubs, family, friends and even mobiflirt and FB, and there are still costs involved whilst you are muddling through the dozens of choices only to find there are no real compatible matches at the end of the day. It is also emotionally draining and often results in ‘best for now’ and it can be very risky.Your input and effort also contributes to the quality of service as we are all in this together!We cannot fit square pegs into round holes, therefore our first duty is to profile everyone accurately and construct a workable strategy.We may need to prepare you well and equip you for a new world of social networking.