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Full-size patterns are in an envelope attached to the inside back cover.

Dip pens offer some of the most impressive nibs on the planet: they're often very flexible and very fine.

Unlike the calligrapher's ideal, the steel dip nib, they also have iridium on the tip.

This Fairchild dip pen has that plus everything else you'd want in a dip pen: it's a very large size, and it's made in that unusual configuration that's sometimes called 'bishop's hat'.

The nib and section are all one piece, an elegantly tapered and elongated scoop shape that fits directly onto the wooden taper.

The writing qualities are unequalled: extremely fine and extremely flexible, with swells coming right up to the 3mm mark and hairlines of true steel-dip-nib fineness.An added treat: the Fairchild name engraved on the inside of the nib. Waterman sterling overlay in the hard to find 1930s model. This pen is the same width as the 1920s sterling overlay 452, but is a little shorter, a little streamlined, and uses the newer style clip and lever.Warning: This is a really long post, which ends with photos of the top I made from this book, plus details on how to enter the giveaway.I’m not sure that I would characterize the designs as “edgy.” I guess it depends on how you define “edgy.” For me, “edgy” would be on the outer limits of what someone would wear in public – maybe not as far out as but definitely “out there.” Maybe the subtitle is a result of the translation from Japanese to English.Or maybe it’s because there aren’t any typical feminine touches here – no ruffles, lace, or frills – so maybe that’s why it’s “edgy.” Then again, the book was originally released in Japan five years ago so maybe back then, this was “edgy”?She Wears the Pants features 20 designs, from a coat and jackets to tops, dresses, and pants, many of which sport a boyish look. Contrary to the title, it is not a book chock full of pants (trouser) patterns. The book follows the format of many Japanese pattern books – photos of a model wearing each garment in the first section of the book, info on the patterns, some fabric and sewing tips, and then the instructions with detailed diagrams.