You say : "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too! " Now you've got more than you can spend, but all of the money in the whole wide world is not gonna help you in the end. Now, while there's still time to be saved, don't take that attitude to your grave.

Now while there's still time to be saved, don't take that attitude to your grave Might be too late for you I'm afraid. And how dare you point your finger at a gang out on the street while it's you who is committing the sin.

You can move it across the whole wide globe but it ain't gonna help your court case, up in the sky, when you go to put on your white robe. You dare the children to stay off of drugs, now I dare you to stop letting them in.

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# #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song.

# #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Tue, -0800 From: Arvin Chen Subject: Forever FOREVER (Ben Harper) from the album 'Welcome to the Cruel World' The song is basically fingerpicked variations on these chords: F, Am, G, C Intro: Am F G Am C F G e|---------------3--3---------------|------------------------------| B|--0h1----1-----0--0-----0h1p0-----|--0---1-----1---------0-------| G|--2------2-----0--0----------2----|--0---------2--------0--------| D|--2------3--------------------2---|------2-----3-------0---------| A|----------------------------------|--0---3------------2----------| E|---------------3--3---------------|------------------3-----------| Verse: C F G Am e|---------------3--3---------------| B|--1-----1------0--0-----0h1p0-----| G|--------2------0--0----------2----| D|--2-----3---------------------2---| A|--3-------------------------------| E|---------------3--3---------------| Not talkin' bout a Chorus: C G Am G e|--------3---------------3-----| B|--1-----0------1p0------0-----| G|--2-----0---------2-----0-----| D|------------------------------| A|--3---------------------------| E|--------3---------------3-----| So give me your, forever..

Verse:(C, F, G, Am) Not talkin' bout a year, no not three or four I don't want that kind of forever in my life anymore Forever always seems to be around when it begins But forever never seems to be around when it ends Chorus:(C, G, Am, G) So give me your forever Please your forever Not another day less will do From you People spend so much time every single day Runnin' round all over town giving their forever way But no not me I won't let my forever roam And now i hope i can find my forever a home Chorus Like a handless clock with numbers an infinite of time No not the forever found only in the mind Forever always seems to be around when things begin But forever always seems to be around when things end Chorus Date: Wed, -0500 From: Paul Berens FOREVER ======= by Ben Harper Kudos to all of you who know of and appreciate this artist's music.

This is a good one off the Welcome to the Cruel World album. If you listen to the song, you will notice he plays will slaps/mutes (whatever you call it), which I didn't write in, but occur in the obvious places. (refrain) E-----------------------------------------------------------------| B-------0-1--------3----------0h1p0-------------------------------| G-------0-0--------0---------2-----2---0--------------------------| D-------0-2--------0--------2-------2-----------------------------| A-----------------------------------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------------------------------| (last part of refrain) E-----------------------------------------------------------------| B-------0-1--------3-----------0--1--1--0-------------------------| G-------0-0--------0---0-------0--2--2--0--(back-to-verse)--------| D-------0-2--------0-----------0--2--3--0-------------------------| A-----------------------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------3---------------------------------------| This is close enough.

-*- h=hammer -*- p=pull off -*- -*- = knock on body of guitar -*- -*- (intro) E---------------------------------------------------------*-*-----| B--0h1---1------0--0----0h1p0-----------0h1---1-----3-----*-*-----| G--0-----2------0--0---2-----2----------0-----2----0------*-*-----| D--2-----3------------2-------2---------2-----3---0-------*-*-----| A---------------------------------------------------------*-*-----| E------------3-----------------------------------3--------*-*-----| (verse) E-----------------------------------------------------------------| B--0----0h1------------1---------0--0-----------0h1p0-------------| G--0----0--------------2---------0--0----------2-----2------------| D--0----2--------------3----------------------2-------2-----------| A-----------------------------------------------------------------| E--^----^--------------^------3--^------------^-------------------| not talkin' about a year, no not three or four . There are slight variations throughout the song, but stays the same for the most part.