But how does Stephen feel about Chelsea’s work in the video with Mark?“That was something we really didn’t talk about until he saw it,” she explained.“He said, ‘Great job on the video that I’ll never be watching again.’” Despite Stephen’s love loss for his video, Mark told Billy and Kit that she’s fond of Chelsea’s man. I’ve met him, he comes to the show and he’s very supportive of Chelsea, which is cool,” Mark said.

I just thought that was hilarious because that was my first job, and like, I was going to give Jon Voight acting ideas!

Chelsea and her “DWTS” professional partner, Mark Ballas, stopped by Thursday’s show, where they laughed off rumors of a budding ballroom romance between them.

“No, no,” Chelsea told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover when asked if there was anything brewing with Mark, who she appears with in his steamy video for his song, “Hotwire.” She did, however, admit that Mark – who grew up in London – is a charmer, saying, “He is pretty smooth with that accent.” “You and Stephen Colletti? “Yeah,” she said with a laugh, confirming her relationship with the former “Laguna Beach” star and current cast member of “One Tree Hill.” “He is pretty cute, he’s a really good guy, we’ve been having fun together,” she said of Stephen, who has previously dated Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari and Hayden Panettiere.

I think the fact that he's trying to step up to the plate and raise this little girl is very attractive to Riley.

And even when they do, I get to hand them over to a mom. You would be such a big influence on that child's life, and it's a huge responsibility. If I could perform on stage with any musical act or performer, it would be: Sugar Ray, just to fulfill my childhood dream of singing with Mark Mc Grath.

So, I'm sure that when I do become a mom, I'm going to be surprised with the extra work that I've got cut out for me. I love "Every Morning." I've never met him, but we go to the same salon, so we'll be sitting in foils next to each other, but that's the not the way I want him to remember me!I just can't have my first impression be when I look like that! They cast Jon Voight to play my Dad, so Jon asked me to come over to his office to talk about the characters., it's nice that there's a light-heartedness to it, as most sitcoms are, and can poke fun at situations that happen to many of us in our lives. I think it's a really touching show showing all of us coming together and being a family by choice and relying on each other. They are the happiest little girls, and it's very rare they throw a tantrum or get frustrated. He's a professional sports player, he's a sweetheart and has been in love with her since high school--even when she was 100 lbs. ' but at the same time, it's a completely unfair introduction to having children because the twins that play the baby on the show are not normal! I mean, on paper of course Danny is the perfect man. But of course, Riley, like any girl, always goes back to the guy that isn't good for her and is going to walk all over her. Chelsea: Gosh, that's such a hard question to think of answering. The show has been a crash course in parenting for me, and it's a very interesting mix of being in my 20s, and like, Aww, this feels so good, I love holding a baby! I change my mind episode to episode on who I want Riley to be with, which hopefully keeps fans interested in the show!