Naughty In N'Awlins - New Orleans Swinger Convention held in July Dixie's Splash Party Twice Annual hotel take-over in FL Vegas Exchange - The largest Lifestyles Event in the US Lifestyle Tours & Travel Life on the Swing Set - Swinger Blog Lifestyle Life - Swinger Podcast Swinger Cast - great swinger podcast from John & Allie New York Swingers - Adventures in Swinging from a NY swinger couple blog Bigger Love - Blog about Polyamory, Swinging & BDSM.The site presents a very real and front-seat experience with amateur swinger couples from around America.

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Soft Swing --Swingers Directory, Live Chat, XXX Pictures, Erotic Stories, FAQ, Links, and more!

Full of Desire - 100% free swingers site for couples and women only.

British 4 Play - Free personal ads and chat rooms for UK swingers The Swinging Life website by the authors of Together Sex and Considering Swinging.

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The site is actually an amateur site that tapes swinger sex parties and other events.

It's all about 'the lifestyle' as those in these swinger groups call it.

Amid the collection shown off on the homepage is footage of couples fucking alone at home, swapping partners with other couples, and having pretty wild times at larger swinger party events.

Swinger Truth - demystifying the myths of swinging The Swinger Store-- Books, Videos and toys for swingers and lovers, plus free chat.

Lifestyle News Links to swinger news, forums and more.

Swingers 100 top 100 swinger sites Personals 100 - 100 top Personal Ads Sites Liberated Christians- Christian Swing & Polyamory Resource Center promoting intimacy and other-centered sexuality.

Great information for those of us with hang-ups do to religious upbringings.