Oo-er looks like Diana Vickers has got her little claw well and truly into Emma Watson’s ex , One Night Only singer, George Craig. According to pals the two have been dating for a month but want top try and keep it on the down low and out of the public eye, er you lot won’t tell anyone right?Our source spotted the pair hanging out in a pool bar called Efes in Dalston where Diana was hanging out with George and the rest of the band until late into the evening.

We find it funny.” In his new book On The Road, Olly revealed how his passionate Murs Army caused problems for him and 26-year-old Francesca.

The ex-boyfriend of X Factor finalist Diana Vickers is desperate to reunite with the teen singer, despite her dalliance with fellow contestant Eoghan Quigg.

The 17-year-old from Blackburn, Lancashire, split from 18-year-old student Chris Jones a few weeks ago, just days before she was pictured kissing the Northern Irish singer at the X Factor final.

Despite 'taking a break' from Diana after eight months together, Chris is adamant they can work things out and insists Diana isn't in love with Eoghan - despite Simon Cowell's claims to the contrary. Not so, says Chris Jones: Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg at a private X Factor performance in London earlier this month At the last press conference before the X Factor final, Cowell described Eoghan and Diana as 'just two kids in love'.

Maybe George can start prancing around with his shoes off in an ode to his new missus. We do, they’re both pale and Burberry model looking and that’s what makes a relationship work right?

Olly, 31, and model Francesca broke up last month after three years of dating, with the singer suggesting she struggled to cope with his intense female fans. He said: “A lot of my fans are girls, so it can cause problems, obviously.

It was reported last week that Olly had moved on with Diana, 24, but he’s hit back. Sometimes I’ll ask Francesca to stay in the people carrier when a crowd comes around.

Speaking to the Mirror, the X Factor host said: “It’s so ridiculous. “Me and Diana are friends, we’ve known each other for a long time. “From her prospective she’s thinking, ‘Why am I a secret? ’ And I say, ‘You can come with me if you want’, but if someone comes up and asks for a picture and says, ‘Olly I really fancy you, you should dump your girlfriend.

But after Eoghan, 16, returned home to Northern Ireland and Diana has remained in England, her dating status remains unclear.