Rather, they reflect months (or years) of training on the part of the person wearing one of those uniforms.

Actors often remark on the power of costume in terms of bringing a character to life: before donning the white-blonde wig, the pirate’s eye-patch, or the Batsuit, they say, it’s just line-reading and imagination.

But once they emerge from wardrobe, But TSA employees, who wear official-looking uniforms adorned with embroidered patches, soldierlike epaulets at the shoulder, and even a shiny badge, are not officers.

Not in the police sense, and certainly not in the military sense.

The authority and responsibilities attendant to being a police officer or member of the armed forces are not simply handed out upon hiring.

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And as thousands of law-abiding Americans who’ve been barked-at, separated from their children, groped as though they were hardened criminals entering a courtroom, and/or detained for hours in glass cages will tell you, the TSA sure [Rep.

Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.)] said TSA had spent more than million in taxpayer money on badges alone since 2009.